Krazy Washers Instruction


Krazy Washers Instructions


Krazy Washers takes the traditional game play of Washer Board and adds a little twist to it. OKů a BIG twist. You can now bank your shots off the back into one of the holes. Practice your aim because the slot in the center is not that easy to make.


Setting up for Game Play:

          Place your Krazy Washer steps 12 feet apart; which are from front to front. Eight metal washers are provided with your game. Krazy Washers may be setup on a level lawn, on the beach, camping, or any place else you wish to play.


Initial Play:

          Each individual, or one member of each team, throws a washer. Whoever gets the highest point, or gets closest to a hole, chooses if they want go first or second. Players stand behind the washer steps to throw.


For a Two Player Game (1-on-1):

          Each player will throw their washers from the same side, to the opposite step. The first player will throw their 3 washers; the second player will then throw their 3 washers to complete one round. After all washers have been tossed, and scores are noted, players will move to the opposite board to continue play.


Team Play (2-on-2):

          Team members will throw from opposite steps. The first player from Team One will toss 3washers; the first player from Team Two will toss their 3 washer to the same step. Note scores.


Opposing players pick up washers, and proceed to throw from their side. Team one, player two, throws their 4 washers, then Team Two player two. After all washers have been tossed, and scores are noted that round is complete.


The last player or team to score plays first in the next round. A cancel does not affect this.


Keeping Score:

1) One point is scored for making either of the bottom 2 holes.
2) Two points are scored from making it in the top 1 hole.
3) 3 points are scored for making it in the middle slot.


To score points the washer must go completely through a hole or slot. If during a round, opponents each throw a coaster into the same hole, neither player scores; a player may in this way cancel another playerssuccessful score.


Winning the Game:

Rules and scoring may be changed, but must be agreed to prior to the start of the game.


The first player or team to end a round with exactly21 points wins the game!


If during a round, opponents each toss a washer into the same hole, neither player scores; a player may in this way cancel another player's successful score.


If a score exceeds 21 points a penalty is incurred. If you go over 21 points your score is deducted the amount of points you scored that caused you to exceed 21.


Example: A player or team has a score of 19 and they score another 5. This puts them at 24, which is over 21. The previous score must be reduced by 5, the score that caused them to exceed 21. The score would now be 14. If you have exactly 21 you would not want to score any more points for that turn. Toss it to the wind!


Mercy Rule: If one side outscores the opponent by 13 points or more to zero... the other team must call "mercy!"

The other team wins!


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